Technical Controls and Inspection Services (TCIS) is a multinational independent inspection company trusted worldwide by major corporations, governments and financial institutions.

We are a team of experts; highly qualified and experienced in the TIC industry, ready to provide full Testing, Inspection and Certification Services globally. Our mission is to provide the market with expert, independent assessments,focusing on every detail of customer requirements to provide a customer oriented solution; our ultimate aim is to add value to our customer’s product or service offerings.

The TCIS work methodology follows international guidelines with exceptional levels of quality and integrity. We want to use our years of multinational and multi-industry experience to our customer’s advantage.

Directors Profile

Prasonjiet Ghosh
Director & Shareholder, TCIS UAE & TCIS India

With 16 years in the Merchant Navy, Prasonjiet worked his way up to the position of Master Mariner followed by 17 years in the Inspection Industry. In the GCC, he went on to head the MEEA region of a Swiss multinational. Résumé aside, he has a valuable name in the TIC industry backed by qualifications across a wide array of technicalities, which have been tried and tested on the field. However, despite such vast and valuable experience, whatsets him apart is his versatility and dynamism while devising business solutions.

Fernando Vela H.
Director & Shareholder – TCIS USA

“An expertise in high end Inspection Management and handled the responsibility of a multinational for over 2 decades as Financial Director to Country General Manager and Business Developer of US and Andean markets (LATAM). Fernando set up TCIS USA in the year 2017 and mastered developing alliances, acquisitions and Joint Venture consistently across the region. Successfully implemented Trade Finance Services based in Stock Monitoring and Collateral Management across various commodities. A great communicator in Spanish, English and French, Fernando has uncanny ability to win successful deals.”

Ashan E. Weeresinghe
Director and Shareholder-TCIS Singapore

“A prominent name in the international TIC industry for over 3 decades, Ashan specializes in cargo superintendence field across various commodities. An expert by profession in Marine & P&I Club surveys, Calibration of shore/ship tank with Optical/Laser methods, Foreign Trade supervision contracts, Social compliance audits, FOG/FOQ's and CMA/SMA contracts / audits. For many years Ashan was a member of Institute of Petroleum – United Kingdom. A truly hardworking and committed person who responds smilingly with a solution for any issues in TIC field even in the middle of the night or during fishing while holidaying with his family.”

Saksit Sriruksai
Director & Shareholder – TCIS Thailand

“Over 20 years of experience in inspection industry, Saksit’s name in the inspection industry has been synonymous with his profound expertise in RICE and agriculture products for Quality and Analysis. TCIS Thailand was set up in the year 2016 by Saksit and rapidly expanded TCIS footprint in the Indochina Region - Myanmar and Vietnam. Successfully diversified TCIS Thailand to Mineral and coal inspection business. Currently TCIS Thailand with over 100 staff in TCIS Thailand is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories to handle Agri and Mineral testing capabilities.”

Alexander Belov
Director & Shareholder – TCIS Russia

“With experience over 25 years in Inspection business with multinational inspection agencies, Alex, an accomplished Manager in Russia set up TCIS Russia headquartered in Moscow in the year 2016. Alex, a great learner of the process and a proven entrepreneur confidently manages and mitigates risks and issues, whilst maintaining progress and rapid diversification in line with project plans across various commodities. TCIS Russia covers entire Russia region, Kazakhstan and adjacent /neighboring countries and equipped with state of the art AGRI laboratory in Rostov and accredited as Gafta Analyst.”

Franco Maroni
Director and Shareholder - TCIS Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay

"A well-trained professional, Franco Maroni, served various responsible positions in MNC trading company until year 2005. Franco started his entrepreneurial journey in year 2012 in his family Inspection business. In year 2018 he decided to take his challenging entrepreneurial background and be part of global TCIS Brand in Argentina. Very rapidly Franco integrated himself as key driver for TCIS’s global vision and expanded to Uruguay and Paraguay. A dedicated ambassador of growth and a great humane who values work life balance and his profession alike and never misses to carry TCIS T-shirt even during his pleasure trips globally."

Enir Ciro Fereira Coutinho
Director & Shareholder – TCIS Brasil

"With 25 years of experience in Inspection business management with multinational companies, Enir, an MBA and postgraduate in Metallurgy engineering, set up TCIS Brasil headquartered in São Paulo and subsidiaries in Santos and Vitória in 2017. He successfully launched TCIS and rapidly diversified through strategic alliance on a large geographic scale covering all of Brazil and South America. TCIS Brasil operates in the areas of Mineral & Metallurgy, Agriculture (grains, oils and sugar) and Consumer Goods. Enir acted as an Adviser to Brazilian Institute of Governance Corporative and has been Coach with IBC / Brazilian Institute of Coaching."

Kenneth Lopez
Director & Shareholder – TCIS Central America

“A passionate manager in the Inspections, Supervision, Calibration and Certification business. Kenneth with more than 20 years’ experience is known in the region for his approach to make things happen, challenging the status quo and keeping it simple. He had the opportunity to successfully manage multi-million US Dollar project for more than 6 years. Kenneth has always been avid learner and known for making quick and decisive approach, create strong teams and work effectively across boundaries in the central American region.”

Rocio Bernal
Director & Shareholder – TCIS Colombia

“A confident manager with the ability to innovate in the Inspection processes of the supply chain logistics using technology as a work tool. Rocio works collaboratively to improve the different processes, with a tailor-made service that generate added value to the client. With an experience of more than 20 years in the inspection business, she generates huge trust and credibility in the Colombia region. Rocio is a familiar name in the region demonstrating impartiality and being independent in the Inspection management across all commodities and structured trade finance support services.”

Ravinath Pillai
Director & Shareholder – TCIS Sri Lanka

“For a period over 3 decades, Ravinath has been a veteran name in the Inspection industry in Sri Lanka. He has worked for multinational inspection agencies across most Agricultural & Mineral commodities, and Consumer Goods. Ravinath is in the panel of surveyors of Ceylon Chamber Panel for many years. Ravinath through his popularity & expertise earned rapid penetration of TCIS into the markets. His services have been consistent through his leadership, guaranteeing exemplary services in Tea, Petroleum products, Fertilizer & Agri commodities."