Technical Controls and Inspection Services (TCIS) is a multinational independent inspection company trusted worldwide by major corporations, governments and financial institutions.

We are a team of experts; highly qualified and experienced in the TIC industry, ready to provide full Testing, Inspection and Certification Services globally. Our mission is to provide the market with expert, independent assessments,focusing on every detail of customer requirements to provide a customer oriented solution; our ultimate aim is to add value to our customer’s product or service offerings.

The TCIS work methodology follows international guidelines with exceptional levels of quality and integrity. We want to use our years of multinational and multi-industry experience to our customer’s advantage.


Prasonjiet Ghosh – Founder, Executive Director

With 16 years in the Merchant Navy, Prasonjiet worked his way up to the position of Master Mariner followed by 17 years in the Inspection Industry. In the GCC, he went on to head the MEEA region of a Swiss multinational. Résumé aside, he has a valuable name in the TIC industry backed by qualifications across a wide array of technicalities, which have been tried and tested on the field. However, despite such vast and valuable experience, whatsets him apart is his versatility and dynamism while devising business solutions.